Rapid Recovery Rehabilitation

Park Place Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has a Rapid Recovery Rehab program in Tyler.Under the direction of Dr. Brian Davis, PT., our Rapid Recovery Rehab program is designed for patients transitioning from hospital to home. Park Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides skilled care for orthopedic patients such as hip or knee replacements, as well as medical patients such as cardiac care or strokes. Often, patients come from the hospital for initial therapy foundation and then move on to an intense, focused rehab facility. We call this "Rehab Fast Track".

Depending upon diagnosis and overall treatment plan, patients will be on the "Rehab Fast Track", Orthopedic Track or Medical Rehab Track. Whichever track is appropriate, it is all about going back home and getting on with your life! Our success rate is outstanding!

Please contact us if you have questions about details of our program.